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Exhibition Calendar


Beijing International Property & Investment Expo

September 22-25th, 2016


Beijing Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Exhibition

June 24th-26th, 2016


Shanghai Overseas Property  Immigration · Investment Fair    

September 10-12th, 2016


Beijing Overseas Property Immigration and Study Fair

December 16th -18th, 2016


Guangzhou International Lifestyle & Property Expo

May 20th-22nd, 2016 


Abu Dhabi, UAE International Real Estate and Investment Show

江西十一选五走势图表 October 27-29, 2016




Media Promotions / Marketing Campaign

The marketing campaign concentrates on the exhibition city with additional national exposure and starts 2 months before the show opens. With our years of history of sponsoring the Real Estate Expos, there have been many powerful media partner alliances formed.

Examples of Media Promotion for Beijing Property Expos:

Newspapers & Magazines: Established print media alliances which consist of more than 30 nationwide and 12 international publications.

TV & Radio: To include 8 TV channels nationwide and 7 radio stations, with CCTV and BTV as the most influential.

Internet / Website: Established partnerships with leading related sites domestically and around the world, such as Sina, Soufun, Tencent, Sohu, etc.

Direct Mail: Continued direct mail campaigns throughout the year and through partner’s targeted database.

Promotion and publicity through influential and strong mainstream newspapers, key property and non-property internet portals, cab/public transport, general advertising/publicity, show directory, organiser’s portal, show promotional flyers and advertisements, etc.



About Us      Why Exhibit      Exhibitors     Visitors     Media Promotion      Galary     Contact Us
  [email protected]           WeChat / WhatApp / Tel: 86-13801087331



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InternationalProppertyExhibition.Com is the No. 1 platform connecting worldwide real estate developers, property agents, real estate and immigration projects, financial investment consultants, and investors. It also connects international schools and international education pursuers. We organize international property and immigration and education exhibitions catering to needs of the exhibitors and visitors.

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